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New Zealand’s leading native plant wholesaler. We have been supplying quality New Zealand native plants into the retail, commercial and contract markets since 1980.

Our philosophy is simple! We are dedicated to providing high quality native plants while also delivering superior service and expertise to all of our customers. We know it’s important to back up good quality product with knowledge therefore our team is made up of experienced native plant professionals with many years of technical expertise. We are here for you.


Caring for New Zealand Native Plants

All plants with the Naturally Native brand are native to New Zealand.  However, not every plant we grow can be found in the bush because some have been selected and bred for garden use.

There is a native plant for every situation!  You can mix them with exotic plants, extend your bush or have only natives. Native plants are mostly easy care and are attractive all year round so if you want to have a garden that looks good and low maintenance, include plenty of natives in your plan!

‘Grotabs’® are highly recommended for when you plant Naturally Native plants.  ‘Grotabs’® are a specially formulated long term, slow release fertiliser so they will give your plants a healthy start and continue for up to two years.

Naturally Native Plants are available at all leading garden centres.


Our Services

RESTORATION/ WETLAND PLANT SUPPLY - Naturally Native grows a wide range of species for wetland restoration projects. These include species for estuaries, ponds and margins, streamsides and damp pastures. Also, we can help plan, prepare and plant your project so call us and speak to a plant professional now!

ECO-SOURCINGNaturally Native has a lot of experience in eco-sourcing plant material for specific contracts. We understand the necessity of maintaining New Zealand's biodiversity and supporting existing ecosystems. Therefore, we collect seed from around the Bay of Plenty to make sure our plants are suited for their environment. On top of this, our inventory and production systems track each plant and seed throughout it's life at the Naturally Native headquarters.

CONTRACT GROWING - Naturally Native provides a range of contract growing services. This includes seed collection, propagation, growing-on and delivery.

GARDEN PLANT SUPPLY - A number of our garden plant species are supplied to garden centres all around New Zealand.

COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPE - We specialise in supplying large volumes of plants to commercial landscapers at a competitive price.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN - With qualified landscape and garden designers on our team, we combine plant knowledge with creativity to offer you an affordable design solution.

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Naturally Native


New Zealand's leading native plant wholesaler – providing expertise and high quality native plants to retail, commercial and contract markets

Naturally Native

Naturally Native

3 weeks 5 days ago

🍀NZ MINT aka Mentha cunninghamii🍀 this gorgeous herbaceous groundcover has a minty taste so pop it on your next salad…

Naturally Native

Naturally Native

3 weeks 5 days ago

🐝MANUKA🐝 aka Leptospermum scoparium trimmed and waiting for 🌧!

Naturally Native

1 month 2 days ago


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